Community Captains

What is a Captain?

A Captain is a B/R Community leader who volunteers their time to guide conversations, pick the best content, keep the community safe, and help moderate a team they’re passionate about. Captains have access to special tools to conduct their responsibilities as long as they follow the rules outlined in B/R’s Moderation Guidelines .

Are Captains B/R employees?

No, Captains are volunteers. They are in no way a direct representative of the Bleacher Report brand. They may have occasional communication with B/R staffers.

Are Captains paid?

Captains are not compensated by B/R in any form.

Why are you putting Captains in B/R communities?

Our communities have grown tremendously, and we want to empower the people who care about their teams the most to be true leaders by giving them access to more. Captains will help shape their community’s unique identity and keep things friendly/safe so that fans can have a better experience in our app.

What does the process look like to find Captains?

Captains will be chosen after an interview process that consists of a short, written application followed by a phone interview with B/R staff. We will assess your previous app conduct for any possible red flags, including vulgar comments, suspensions and banned accounts/multiple accounts. We will also conduct a review of your personal social media profiles, if you’re active on them.

How will Captains be selected?

Captains will be selected by Bleacher Report. You will catch our eye if you are:

  • Active in the B/R app
  • Highly engaged about your team and topic
  • Positive vibes with good energy
  • Tech savvy
  • Committed to building the best digital space to talk sports in the world

What’s the commitment look like?

There is no hard time commitment for this program, nor any numeric requirements regarding activity levels in the app. We ask that captains are as active as they can be during times in which the community is active (a big hire/fire, trades, draft picks, before/after/during games, etc.)

What do I get for becoming a Captain?

  • A Captain’s badge on your profile
  • Documents to walk you through being a Captain and help answer any questions
  • Tools to help you organize and support your community, and be a successful moderator
  • Connection to millions of fans via your community
  • A line of communication with B/R staff and other captains to grow & improve the program

Can I be removed from the Captains program?

Yes, B/R has the right to alter or discontinue the Captains program at any time in its sole discretion, including by removing one or more Captains from the program. In addition, if you encourage, pin or up vote any material that, in B/R’s discretion, violates our terms of use, including any material that violates the intellectual property rights of any third-party you will immediately be removed from the program.

Can there be multiple captains for the same team?

Yes! Some teams already feature multiple captains. It all depends on what an applicant pool looks like during the interview process. Our goal is to find AT LEAST ONE Captain for the teams we target.

Will my Captain's abilities work outside of my designated team’s community?

No. Your abilities will only work inside of the community you are selected for. Outside of that community, other users will be able to see you are a Captain when they click on your profile, but you will not be able to access your tools in other community feeds.

How will Captains communicate with each other?

We have set up a Discord server (similarly to Microsoft Teams or Slack) that has all of our Captains in one place. You are free to use this as little or as much as you would like to communicate with fellow Captains. You can also set up a group DM in the app or create a group text! It’s completely up to you.

Could this lead to a further position with B/R?

The Captains program is not associated with our hiring process or with any employment opportunities with our company. If you are interested in working at B/R you are more than welcome to apply at