1. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  2. Fans Pick Dream Italy XI 🇮🇹

    Supporters picked out their nation's all-time best lineup and it was almost perfect 🎥

  3. Testing Italian Fans' Knowledge 🧠

    How well do these know Azzurri's history at the Euros? 🎥

  4. Football Italia @footballitalia

  5. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  6. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  7. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  8. Football Italia @footballitalia

  9. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

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    Nerazzurri claims its 20th Scudetto with 2-1 derby win vs. Milan

  14. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  15. Football Italia @footballitalia

  16. MLS Multiplex @MLSMultiplex

  17. Football Italia @footballitalia

  18. Football Italia @footballitalia

  19. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  20. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  21. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

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  25. Get Italian Football News @_GIFN

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  31. Breaking The Lines @BTLvid

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  33. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  34. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  35. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  36. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  37. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  38. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  39. Football Italia @footballitalia

  40. Football Italia @footballitalia

  41. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  42. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  43. Football Italia @footballitalia

  44. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

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  47. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

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  49. Euro Super League Proposed 👀

    New competition format for club football is here 📲

    Sky Sports News @SkySportsNews

    A22 Sports - the company behind a new European Super League - unveil their new format proposal for European club competitions in men's and women's football ⬇️ https://t.co/zzU5gEkp3L

  50. Did Someone Say 'Super League?'

    B/R Football @brfootball

    The European Super League have presented their new competition format after the European Court of Justice rule that UEFA and FIFA acted against competition law when blocking the formation of the Super League in 2021. UEFA’s response: “This ruling does not signify an endorsement… https://t.co/6QrTYUhoA3 https://t.co/pJK0KMKt6U

  51. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

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  55. Football Italia @footballitalia

  56. Football Italia @footballitalia

  57. Football Icons as GTA Characters 🎮

    Messi, CR7, Haaland, Mbappé, Klopp and many more legends here 📲 (OneFootball)

    Football Icons as GTA Characters 🎮
    Udinese logo

    Football Icons as GTA Characters 🎮

    Messi, CR7, Haaland, Mbappé, Klopp and many more legends here 📲 (OneFootball)

    via OneFootball
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  61. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

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  63. Football Italia @footballitalia

  64. Football Italia @footballitalia

  65. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  66. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  67. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

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  69. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  70. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

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  72. Serie A's Leaders in Goals and Assists

    B/R Football @brfootball

    No-one can stop Lautaro in Italy 🇮🇹 https://t.co/lyxmklUbmS

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  74. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  75. Football Italia @footballitalia

  76. Udinese Calcio @Udinese_1896

  77. Football Italia @footballitalia

  78. Football Italia @footballitalia

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